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Top-Notch Procedures

General Dentistry

Fluoride Treatment

During fluoride treatments, a foam, gel, varnish, or liquid is applied directly to teeth to help prevent tooth decay, plaque buildup, and cavities.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants safeguard premolars and molars from cavities and reduce the need for fillings by creating a barrier that prevents bacteria formation.

Dental Exam

Comprehensive dental exams are suggested yearly for people in Racine, WI to examine their teeth and gums and screen for oral cancer.

Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleanings should occur every six months for adults and kids to maintain a healthy smile and remove plaque buildup and tartar.

Dental X-rays

Digital dental x-rays help your dentist pinpoint hidden issues with your teeth, mouth, and gums before they become more serious oral health issues.

Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic x-rays provide us with an advanced view of the teeth, jawbone, and sinuses. This noninvasive technology provides a valuable ear-to-ear view.

Cephalometric X-rays

Cephalometric x-rays are a unique image-gathering tool used by dentists to capture a comprehensive radiographic view of the side of the face.

Composite Fillings

Tooth decay can lead to cavities and the need for composite fillings. Our Racine, WI team safely treats cavities with tooth-colored resin fillings.


DIAGNOdent is state-of-the-art laser technology that allows dentists in Racine, WI to detect cavities and tooth decay in the earliest stages.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screenings are an imperative part of dental exams. They allow for accurate identification, diagnosis, and treatment of mouth cancer.
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